M Tiger Eye Stone Buddha Bracelet Bangle Trendy(COD)

  • RM99.00 MYR

Tiger's Eye is known as the stone of protection. In the past, it was worn as an amulet as it is known to give protection from bad or negative energy.It shields anyone wearing it from negativity, judgment, and jealousy, cleanses virtually all negative energy while increasing calm, relaxation and presence in the body. Perfect choice for dreamers who have been withheld by their own self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence.

Tiger's Eye is associated with the planet Jupiter. Its energy is known to help balance the crown chakra. It cleanses virtually all negative energy while increasing calmrelaxation and presence in the body.Tiger's Eye is also a stone of intuition. It helps the people in doubt to make the right decision and at the right moment. After wearing it it will help you feel more confident, determined in achieving your goals. It will allow you to resolve any mental conflicts you have and release all fears you may have that are keeping you from achieving your goals.

Free your mind of unnecessary tensions and unclear thoughts that are keeping you from succeeding.

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