M Car LED Headlight Bulbs Set-Cash on delivery

  • RM149.00 MYR

And Just Like That, Your Wish Came True!

Even if you might think “Well, I don’t remember ever wishing to replace my car’s LED Headlights”, allow us to remind you of certain instances that you might have:

  • When you realized they had a poor (or non-existent) hi-lo beam function;
  • When there was a sudden change in weather and you felt like it would be easier to walk back home than try to drive your car with such low visibility;
  • When your car headlights died after minimal use and with NO warning!

Can you relate to the above scenarios? We’re certain that you can to at least one or two!

That’s why we’re here to present you with this amazing product that will have you want to whip out your wallet and make it yours BEFORE you reach the end of this page!

Single lamp type: H1, H3, 880/881/H27, H7, H11/H8/H9, 9005/HB3/H10, 9006/HB4, 9012, 5202
Dual lamp models: H4/HB2/9003, 9004/HB1, 9007/HB5, H13/9008
Product parameters:
1. Voltage: 9V-32V,
2. Power: A pair of 80W (40w*2)
3. Lumen value (brightness): a pair of 8000lm (4000lm*2)
4. Fan: Double Ball Bearing Fan
5. Lamp beads: high quality COB
6. Color temperature (color): 6000K
7. Lifespan: >50000hrs (hours)

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