N Automatic Wind Power 8 LED Car

  • RM99.00 MYR

Totally Wind-driven!

No More Wiring, No More Batteries 

  • Instructions: Use the wind power generated when driving. When the speed is up to 30 km/h, the LED lights will light up, which makes your driving safe.
  • Functions: 8 high brightness LED lights, energy-saving, long lifespan;
  • Accessories: Equipped with strong double-sided adhesive tapes. Easy installation without wiring.
  • Features: Integrated design, small size, compact structure.
  • Waterproof design: No need to worry about water problems, even if the entire circuit board is soaked in water. The LED lights will come out with the fan rotating.
  • Note
     Don't install this product on any rotational part of the vehicle. 
  •   Specifications: