N【buy one free two】 Car large storage net pocket

  • RM99.00 MYR

With this mesh bag, your car stays neat and everything has a permanent place! Easy to mount anywhere on your car - attach it wherever you want.

Our mesh bag holds and is durable , it does not fall down due to lack of resilience and thus prevents the loss of objects in your car.

✅ Organize items and make your car neat

✅ Your cell phone stays well stowed and always  within reach

 Strong stretch  and durable material

✅  Multi-purpose

Easy and secure attachment to the door, the dashboard or any other place inside your car, but also at home in the kitchen or in the office at the desk.

✅ Stays in place

The mesh bag is attached with a strong 3M adhesive, which has a strong carrying capacity, as well as water and temperature resistance, perfect for all places in the house or in the car.


The external dimensions are 15cm x 8cm and 20cm x 8cm (slight deviations are possible)