N Fitness Pilates ring

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Pilates ring 

Pilates ring, also known as magic ring or Pilates circle, is a small tool for Pilates training invented by Pilates founder JOSPH PILATES.

It is made of elastic synthetic material, and there are usually auxiliary handles on both sides of the ring to help stability when pressure is applied to the ring. Its lightness and flexibility have brought more combinations and changes to Pilates.

Pilates exercises using Pilates rings can improve the balance and coordination of the body, muscle tone and muscle endurance, for the upper body, thighs and buttocks muscle groups can be exercised.


Note: According to your level, each exercise time is 30-45 minutes. Keep your back straight during exercise and maintain normal breathing.

Basic movement exercises:

 1. V-Sit Hold:    

 2. Side Leg Press:


  3. Standing Leg Presses:


 4. Standing Arm Presses:


 5. Behind-Your-Back Press: