N Summer V-neck sexy bohemian print dress skirt women【Cash On Delivery】

  • RM159.00 MYR

Description of return and exchange

The following are not quality issues

  1. Odor problems (some fabrics will be treated with special treatment may have some odors, generally after the water will be eliminated)
  2. Color difference between picture and physical (different display status for each brand and model, different personal display settings)
  3. Thread not handled (off-the-counter clothing)
  4. The light color fabric is slightly dirty (in the process of making sales and transportation). It can be washed clean without affecting the wearing effect.
  5. Whether the fabric is good or not, or the degree of transparency, etc. (there is no measure, it is impossible to determine the good or
  6. The thickness of the style, etc. (the standards of thickness in each region, in each person's heart are different and cannot be judged.)
  7. There is a gap between the size of the garment and the product description (the appropriate size gap is within the normal range and inevitable, and the general error of 3-4cm is within the normal range)
  8. There is a difference between clothing accessories and pictures (different accessories may be used between each shipment, please refer to the object



The following goods do not enjoy our promise of return and exchange

  1. The seller is artificially damaged: the hanging card is not complete, the outer packaging bag is free of the goods,
  2. We have taken off the shelves or closed the sale of this item
  3. Washing has been used, unlabeling, no packing bag and so on affect the secondary sales.
  4. No contact with customer service personnel and after-sale registration, goods without authorization, payment and return items will not be dealt with.
  5. 5.No refund should be made beyond the time limit for the exchange of goods


*Please read this description carefully and use it as a basis in case of a dispute.

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