N Sunscreen thermal insulation door side window

  • RM109.00 MYR

Are your kids complaining too much about the sun, heat and glare in the car?

Protect LES while traveling by car with this original PARE-SUN ™ ! 😎😎😎

Because young children are very sensitive to heat and UV rays , they do not last more than 5 minutes exposed to the sun . 🌞🌞🌞
Dehydration and sunstroke ensue.

Fully covering the rear window of the car, the car sunshade slips on like a sock !!!

It is therefore designed in stretch mesh , breathable and anti-UV .
The  PARE-SUN ™  is THE EFFICIENT SOLUTION  to protect babies from UV rays and glare .
Its intelligent design makes it protect baby from sunburn and sunstrokes while remaining transparent to allow him to look outside.
You can lower or raise the window without worry while having the guarantee of UV protection, strong wind and even flying insects.

Due to the greenhouse effect of the windows, the interior of your car can sometimes reach up to 60 ° C…

Main characteristics:
✅ It is easy to clean : machine washable and quick drying.
 PARE-SUN ™ is  compatible with most cars .
 Easy and quick to install and remove , no complicated hook or clip required.
✅ You can see from the inside, the view is not obstructed.
✅ Sold in sets of 2