S Feng Shui Nine Eyes Dzi Bracelet(buy 1 get 2 free)

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The Origins of Dzi Beads

The meaning of the Tibetan word "Dzi" translates to "shine, brightness, clearness, splendor". It is now recognized that they are called "Tibetan beads", just like "Tibetan coral".

Shepherds and farmers pick them up in the grasslands or while cultivating fields. Therefore, Tibetans believe that the pure Dzi is not made by the human. Tibetans cherish these beads and consider them hereditary gems.

Since knowledge of the bead is derived from oral traditions, few beads have provoked more controversy concerning their source, method of manufacture and even precise definition. This all contributes to making them the most sought after and collectable beads on earth.

The Power of Dzi Beads

Protects wearer from negative energies and accidents

The Dzi Beads purify the human body magnetic field, and allows it to protect the wearer from negative energies and accidents.

Smooth business and attract wealth

The Dzi Beads improve wearer's confidence, and allows it to smooth business and attract wealth for the wearer.

Brings love and happiness

The Dzi Beads enhance interpersonal relationships, and allows it to bring love and happiness into the wearer's life.

Feng Shui VS Dzi Beads

One of the most effective ways to make the most of dzi beads is to wear it. Frequently touching them with your hands can replenish energy and add luster to the dzi beads. Dzi Bead Bracelet makes an amazing amulet when aiming to curate a harmonious feng shui feeling around the wearer.

Feng shui is a way of looking at our surroundings and finding a way to balance the energy. The words ‘feng’ and ‘shui’ translates into ‘wind’ and ‘water’ which enforces the idea of balanced energy.

The combination of Feng Shui and Dzi Bead bracelet create a balance and clear path to attract happiness, wealth, and positive energy into your life!

Benefit of Feng Shui Nine Eyes Dzi Bracelet

More Wealth

The Feng Shui Nine Eyes Dzi Bracelet can attract wealth by improving wearer’s self-confidence. The wearer will be more confident to face all challenges in the career and achieve wealth increase

Negative Energy Protection

The Feng Shui Nine Eyes Dzi Bracelet can clean and purify the energy around the wearer so the wearer doesn't get tainted by negative energies. 

Obtain Love And Happiness

The Feng Shui Nine Eyes Bracelet can increase the energy of the wearer's interpersonal relationship and improve people's mind.