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N 【Limit discounts】perfect one Moisturisor 【per bottle 20g】

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It seems like going to medical beauty to do laser spot, the effect is amazing!

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Hi~I am Yen~.

After graduating from the senior high, I have my college and master in Taiwan.
My friend often asks me to be a local tour guide for them when they visit Malaysia.
Since then, I have been the local tour guide for Taiwanese in Malaysia.

I live in Setar.
That’s the reason why I love to take my friends to Petaling Street.
There is an old book store that’s my favorite.
There are some test books called Malaysia as the Federation of Malaysia.
It’s really history hah~~

Every Taiwanese wants to eat REAL Hainanese Chicken.
just like any Bubble Tea in Taiwan is delicious~
Every Hainanese Chicken is good Malaysia.

Being a tour guide is a happy but stressful job.
It’s really tired.
My skin condition has became terrible

I am always the one who gets up earliest, go sleep latest.
The pay for such dreaming job is getting so TANNED, DRY, SPOTTED SKIN.

Actually, I don’t even care about getting tanned.
After all, Tanned skin is also a beautiful STYLE!!

but Spotted SKIN is annoying!!!
I’m very busy that I have no time to put a lot of stuff on my face lor!!

But I need to spend a lot of time making up, using concealer to conceal the sp
It really annoyed me for just covering my black spots

Once my auntie always makeup said:
” WOW ur skin is badddd, older than mineeeee.
ME: Excuse me???? Are you KIDDING ME?????

Is there a way to improve the black spots and dullness?

However, the tour guide is really a busy job.

I have no other choice but this Perfect One.
Since June is always the busy season for sightseeing.
I need to be a tour guide almost every day!
This time I take my friends to Bankok. 
It’s over too hot!!!!!
My skin is peeling off!!!
I have no other skincare products but this…
So I can only use it.

Maybe because the texture is not the normal cream…

It feels very comfortable and refreshing
Absorb fast too!

I use it every day.
After 14 days
When I stare at myself in the mirror.
I suddenly found that
My SKIN looks so nice!!!!!

The pores become fine!
My skin color also become brighter!

And the most important thing is that…

The spots faded!

The spots faded!

The spots faded!

The spots faded!

The spots faded!

(cause it’s too important that I have to say it foe 5 times!!!)

↑Now I can go out with a lipsticks!

I am not doing any changes during these days.
So I can only attribute this to PERFECT ONE.

Well, my friends even laugh at me,” Your skin is getting so white!! R U TAIWANESE!?”

This whitening water gel has been sold more than 50,000,000 bottles

Because all the ingredients are made in Japan
it has the best quality

↓ Made in Japan

Once youtube recommend this video to me.
then I found Perfect One is really a famous product!!

I used to call my auntie to help me buy it~
But now I can buy it online!!!
and I see there’s a discount on the Internet

If you are really busy in your life and have no time to maintain your skin
I recommend this Perfect One to whom the face is as spotted and dark as mine