M Graphene Febrile Far-infrared Eye Sleep Mask【Cash on delivery】

  • RM159.00 MYR


Aika, the designer, has been always focusing on the research and application of graphene heating.

Close your eyes. The world becomes warmer.

【Nobel Prize graphene】

Dazzling technology experience

Graphene is a high-tech nano-technology material, more expensive than gold, known as "black gold." Traditional heating materials are mostly carbon fiber materials with poor flexibility. It is easy to break when bending. Graphene can conduct electricity faster than carbon fiber.It is so flexible that it does not break even when twisted and knotted, making it safer and more durable.It is badly needed in high performance batteries and bendable mobile phone screens. Graphene is only one millionth the thickness of a hair but 200 times the strength of steel! Graphene is found in natural graphite, but it is very difficult to peel.Graphite of 1cm thickness contains about 3 million layers of graphene.

【comfortable temperature controlling】

There's always a temperature.


Exquisite detail, elaborately brewing

【Tailoring design】

Apply to eye width, crystal silk strap, dry-cleaned and washable

【Zero binding】

5A silk fabric, soft and skin-friendly

【Thoughtful temperature regulation】

Constant temperature control at 30-40 °C,10 minutes’ automatic power outage


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