T Ultra-Fine Soft Bristles Toothbrush(6pcs)(COD)

  • RM99.00 MYR

  • Packing List:

  • Toothbrush × 6
  • Description:

  • Do you still use a regular toothbrush? Ultra Soft Toothbrush with more than 10,000 bristles, fine and soft, deep oral cleaning, no damage to your teeth, no irritation, specially designed for sensitive teeth.
  • The slender design of the brush hair is soft and flexible, which can penetrate the teeth and the sulcus to remove tartar and clean the teeth without damaging the surface protection layer, a safe way to keep your teeth and gums cleaner and healthier.
  • One-piece molding fine-tip bristles, high-density uniform Soft Bristles, wear-resistant and durable. Tongue-cleaning with comprehensive cleaning function. Also, it's easy to carry when you are on travel or camping.
  • When you use our Super Soft Toothbrush and you can really feel its advantages. You can send it to your friends and family as gifts, we are sure they will love it.

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